This site was created to show the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of today’s police force. We designed this site to rate the police departments condition as a whole not individual officers. Operating procedures come from the top down and build a culture of either helping citizens or hurting them. This is why we chose not to rate individuals. While you can leave a review without registering, if you register with our site it gives you the ability to interact with other members, create support groups and talk with others to share experiences. There are no charges associated with this site or using it. You can search for ANY police department you are looking for on ALL pages in the search box to the right of every page. Here is a list of some of the things you can choose to post and review:

  • An officer may have saved your life.
  • An officer may have assaulted you.
  • You may have been denied counsel after being arrested.
  • You were stranded and an officer may have assisted you.
  • An officer was courteous and polite even though they had you dead to rights for a traffic violation.
  • You may have had property taken from you for no reason under the civil forfeiture laws.
  • You may want to post videos or pictures of stops you have seen or were part of.
  • You may have seen something an officer has done and should be held accountable for.
  • You may have seen something an officer did they should get credit for.

Whatever the reason is that brings you here, your voice is important good or bad, we will not get to a place in this country of accountability on either side until there is a place for people to be heard free from judgment and retribution from either side. This is the forum we wish to create and we welcome ALL.